Image of HOLGA 120 with FLASH Image of HOLGA 120 with FLASH Image of HOLGA 120 with FLASH Image of HOLGA 120 with FLASH

HOLGA 120 with FLASH

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120 Point+Shoot Film Camera with Flash

An update to one of the most iconic toy cameras, the Holga 120 with Flash is characterized by its distinctive image quality as well as a unique built-in flash with a spinning color wheel for adding a burst of standard white, yellow, blue, or red light.

Glass lens affords greater contrast and sharpness than the traditional plastic lens, yet still retains the prized Holga image quality with noticeable vignetting, field curvature, and vignetting.

The HOLGA 120 with FLASH accepts 120 roll film, and the included 6x4.5cm and 6x6cm film masks allow you to shoot either 16 or 12 frames per roll.

Have fun shooting!!

  • HOLGA 120 FLASH black
  • HOLGA 120 FLASH pink Sold Out
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